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Omega Awning and Ziptrak Blinds

Creating a light and tranquil space was the aim for Thai Touch Bethlehem. With an open outdoor area, the challenge was how to enclose it while maintaining the open, outdoor feel. 

Omega Retractable Awning

Having a roof that can totally retract when the weather is nice while closing at the press of a button when wet or cold, ensures clientele are comfortable at all times of the year. 

The light colour of the waterproof fabric creates a light welcoming atmosphere while keeping the rain and hot sun out. 

Ziptrak blinds and Fixed Screens

To create an enclosed space, a combination of ziptrak blinds and fixed screens were installed around the Omega retractable roof system. Ziptrak blinds enable flexibility to move between areas easily while the fixed screens create a permanent barrier from the weather.  95% Shadeview mesh was opted for to provide privacy, allow light into the space and to reduce wind and rain.

Tapered spaces between the screens and the Omega roof required to be infilled to create a more weather tight area. Clear PVC panels were utilised to stop wind and rain while still allowing light into the tranquil waiting area.

Powder Coat Colour: Titania

Fabric:  Shadeview Mesh 95% Urban Pewter

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