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Horizon Retractable Arm Awning with Ziptrak Blinds and Aluminium Frame

Maximising dining capacity can be challenging for many cafes and restaurants where utilising every inch available means greater revenue. With our range of shade options, we were able to create a visually enticing and protective space for Breadhead cafe in Tauranga.

An open Aluminium frame allowed maximum extension out from the cafe to their boundary on which Ziptrak Blinds could be installed and awnings opened out into.


Aluminium Frame with Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds:

Installed at each end of the Aluminium frame to protect for the prevailing wind that channels up the road. The additional protection allows patrons to enjoy their coffees and pastries in comfort. 

Fabric: Shadeview Mesh Urban 95% - Galaxy

Powder Coat Colour - Ironsand

Horizon Awning

Retractable arm awnings provide sun and rain protection at the push of a button and with a valance adding character to the cafe aesthetics. 

Fabric: Docril - Black

Powder Coat Colour - Charcoal

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