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  • Are Shade Sails Waterproof?
    We have two different fabrics that you can choose between for Shade Sails. We have our very high UV protection rating shade cloth which gives great shade, breathes so is cool to sit under and provides some protection from light rain. We can also provide a heavy duty PVC for a waterproof solution. This is more suitable for carports, walkways or over a bbq.
  • Do you service outside the Bay of Plenty?
    We cover from the Coromandel, Cambridge to Ohope and all places in between.
  • What is the difference between Mesh and Clear PVC in Ziptrak Blinds?
    Mesh provides UV protection and primarily blocks sun and glare. It blocks up to 96% of wind and rain. It doesn’t mark or scratch and there is a range of colours to suit your design situation. In the day it provides privacy and restricts viewing into the area from outside. Motorisation is available. Clear PVC provides full weather protection. It blocks wind and provides a clear view. It can mark, scratch and show dirt. Can cloud and mist if rolled up wet but it will eventually disappear.
  • What is the difference between Ziptrak Blinds and Gearbox Blinds?
    Ziptrak Blinds have their own specific guided track system that the blind smoothly travels up and down in. You can stop them in any position and they lock at the bottom. There are no zips, buckles, ropes or crank handles. Their selling feature is their simplicity. Gearbox Blinds are operated via a crank handle and gear box. They are either all the way up or all the way down and buckled in place.
  • We live in the South Island - how do we get a Motorhome Shademaker Awning installed down here?
    We have a few authorised dealers who can install our Shademaker Awnings for you. Please get in touch and we can direct you to them.
  • What is the difference between the Fetuna and Horizon folding arm Awnings?
    The Fetuna awning is superior if you wish to have maximum protection and modern design. When retracted the canvas and folding arms are completely concealed and not compromised by the elements. Both the Fetuna and Horizon folding arm awnings have the same internal mechanics and the same Docril fabric that is manufactured in Spain and comes with a 10-year UV warranty.
  • I can’t afford to purchase right now, do you offer Finance options?"
    Yes we do. We use Finance Now and you can put in an application, please contact us for more information.
  • What is your lead time for when we accept the quote and the product is installed?
    This varies depending on the product you choose and what time of year it is. When we provide a quote we give you a timeframe of when installation should be.
  • What is the product warranty?
    Each product has a different warranty to the next product. You can find your product warranty on our brochures, website and in person when dealing with any of the team at Making Shade.
  • Do you have an electrician that can connect up my product once installed?
    Yes! We have an electrician who we work closely with who we can liaise with.
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